Participant Spotlight: Maureen Clarke

It is always a joy to read about our participants’ experiences, especially when they’re as passionate as Maureen Clarke. She has been an advocate for our program from day one, and we are delighted to see the value that she’s gained since joining. We think you’ll be inspired by Maureen’s story, too.

A Q & A with Maureen Clarke

Survivor Fitness: Tell us about your relationship with Survivor Fitness and how you became a participant.

Maureen Clarke: I became a participant at the suggestion from my Oncologist, Dr. Means-Powell and my Surgeon Dr. Baskin, both at Tennessee Oncology. They said I should look into it after my treatment. I did. First, I called Gilda’s Club in Franklin. They knew who to call—Survivor Fitness!

SF: When did you begin your journey with Survivor Fitness?

MC: I was accepted and had my evaluation on July 20, 2020.

SF: How has Survivor Fitness helped you along your journey to regaining your health and wellness?

MC: Survivor Fitness put me on the road to regaining my health and wellness with valuable information to help me physically and nutritionally. The workouts were THE BEST I have experienced in my life! It was not the old way of reps done three times. I became noticeably stronger, leaner, and taller in those weeks. I felt so well and proudly wore my Survivor Fitness t-shirt after working out to wherever I went publicly. I did notice people reading it. 

The personal trainers for Survivor Fitness are handpicked for their knowledge and personal interest in their clients’ wellness. It showed every time I walked in—from the front desk and throughout my experience. 

When I had my last day, Jen told me I could call her anytime. Knowing my financial status somewhat, she offered the ongoing opportunity for group exercise. I suppose my own support that I use is Jen’s photo business card on my fridge in an area that I ALWAYS see.   

My memory of the training sessions I received is always vivid. Everything I learned has and will stay with me because it changed my body and mind for better health and wellness. 

I must talk about Jill Merkel, who is a Registered Dietician for Survivor Fitness. She was my therapist, my nurse, my nutritionist, and my friend. She dried my tears and helped my heart and body. She checked on me after my sessions with Survivor Fitness had ended and sent me meaningful greeting cards and a beautiful flower arrangement when times were very emotionally sad. She is a wonderful and knowledgeable person.

SF: What would you tell someone else who might be on a similar journey and is considering being a Survivor Fitness participant?

MC: I absolutely have told survivors about Survivor Fitness. I tell them there is nothing that can be better! I have said there is NOTHING like a personal trainer. Nothing! I say, “you will LOVE what you will learn, and it will stay with you, in mind and body.”

Interested in Becoming a Survivor Fitness Participant?

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