15 Simple Switches to Improve Your Diet

Adding wholesome, healthy foods to your diet doesn’t have to involve changing your eating habits completely. With just a few simple switches, you can improve your nutrition without losing the flavors you love. Here are 15 swaps that we suggest you try! 

1. Swap Sour Cream for Greek Yogurt 

Using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream can not only save you calories but also add protein to your diet. If you aren’t sure at first, try mixing sour cream and Greek yogurt half and half. You can also add spices and lemon or lime juice to create a delicious crema. 

2. Swap Milk Chocolate for Dark

Try switching your milk chocolate for dark to add antioxidants and minerals to your favorite treat without losing the delicious flavor. Some dark chocolates are also lower in sugar and calories. 

3. Swap Flour Tortillas for Corn

To add more whole grains to your tacos, consider using corn tortillas instead of flour. Corn tortillas are also gluten-free for those who are gluten intolerant. 

4. Swap Chips for Popcorn

Instead of reaching for a bag of chips, try a lower-fat popcorn. This snack will be more filling for fewer calories. Try new flavors to find a new favorite! 

5. Swap Bagels for Whole Grain English Muffins

Bagels are a calorie-heavy food without much nutritional value. Try swapping your morning bagel for a whole-grain English muffin instead to add whole grains and fiber.

6. Swap Mayo for Hummus

Instead of fat-heavy mayo, try adding hummus to your next sandwich or wrap. This switch packs a lot of flavor and adds vitamins and minerals that mayo can’t offer.

7. Swap Candy for Dried Fruit

Instead of sugary candy, try indulging a sweet tooth with dried fruit. This gives you antioxidants and fiber that you wouldn’t otherwise receive from processed sweets. 

8. Swap Energy Drinks for Tea 

Energy drinks are loaded with sugar and empty calories. Instead, opt for your favorite tea. Try adding honey, lemon, or fruit to liven up your drink.

9. Swap White Pasta for Whole Wheat

Anywhere that you can trade white starches with whole wheat, go for it! Instead of white pasta, opt for a whole wheat option to increase the nutritional value. 

10. Swap Cheddar for Goat Cheese

Goat cheese is often a lower fat option than many of your hard cheeses, such as cheddar. Keep this in mind for your next cheese board or salad! 

11. Swap Granola for Oatmeal

We tend to think of granola as a healthy snack, but often it’s filled with extra sugars and won’t keep you full for long. Try oatmeal instead. If you’re craving the sweetness, add some stevia or honey. We love this recipe for banana bread overnight oats.

12. Swap Alfredo Sauce for Marinara

Alfredo sauce is heavy in calories and can make your pasta dish high in fat. Instead, try a tomato-based sauce, such as marinara. 

13. Swap Regular Crust for Thin Crust

To cut down on the crust (and keep more of the good stuff, like veggies and protein), try switching to thin crust pizza. This makes your pizza less fat without losing any of the taste. Another great substitute for regular crust is cauliflower crust. You’ll find a cauliflower crust option these days at many pizza restaurants, and if you like to make pizza at home, Trader Joe’s has an excellent cauliflower crust you might want to try.

14. Swap Tuna in Oil for Tuna in Water

Oil in your tuna adds unnecessary fat to an otherwise healthy and protein-packed fish. Try tuna in water instead. 

15. Swap Rice for Cauliflower Rice

Looking for ways to add veggies to your diet? Cauliflower is a versatile vegetable that goes well in place of most starches. Try riced cauliflower in your next rice dish. 

Looking for Ways to Improve Your Nutrition? 

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