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Beating Cancer is Just the Beginning of The Story

Survivor Fitness is a nonprofit that helps cancer survivors find hope and healing after treatment.

What is Survivor Fitness?

Every year, thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer. But when the treatments are done and the surgeries end, cancer survivors are left with lingering side effects that can last for months or even years. In fact, 65% of cancer survivors experience fatigue, depression, loss of strength, and weight gain or weight loss after treatment.
Cancer survivors need a wellness program that bridges the post-treatment gap and helps them take the important first steps on their journey toward long-term health. Survivor Fitness offers cancer survivors what they need, at no cost to them – helping them kickstart the next chapter of their life through one-on-one personal training, nutritional coaching, and mental health support.

A Program Designed to Change Your Life For the Better.

Survivor Fitness is a community of survivors, medical professionals, fitness trainers, and dietitians who have designed a program that offers individualized support and encouragement for recovery after cancer treatment.

We’ve partnered with affiliate gyms, trainers, dietitians, and mental health professionals to serve cancer survivors across Tennessee and beyond through virtual training opportunities. During the program, survivors work alongside a personal trainer and a registered dietitian to create and implement a customized recovery plan.

Battling Cancer
is Lonely & Hard

Shouldn’t Be.

Going through treatment is painful, draining, and isolating. The recovery journey after treatment shouldn’t be. We’ve had the opportunity to help hundreds of cancer survivors combat the side effects of treatment to improve their quality of life and long-term health.


Training and Nutrition Sessions Offered

You’re not alone on the recovery journey. To date, hundreds of cancer survivors have completed the program to regain their health and wellness.



Cancer doesn’t discriminate by age. Our program was designed to support survivors of every age, diagnosis, and fitness level.


Success Stories

Natasha is a wife, mother, grandmother, and licensed therapist, whose battle with cancer impacted every area of life. As a participant, she experienced the transformation of making fitness part of her everyday routine and celebrated that she could “carry her grandbaby without any difficulty” again.
Natasha Leeth
After multiple bouts with cancer & treatment, Denise was determined to stay in the fight. ​​Through Survivor Fitness, she experienced the transformation from the initial, “I don’t think I can do this” to “knowing there is nothing I CAN’T do!”
Denise Jones
Throughout his diagnosis and treatment, John felt like his body was turning against him. Survivor Fitness empowered him ​​to be able to regain control and feel strong and confident about his body again. For John, the mental results of the program were just as beneficial as the physical ones.
John Carver
Leisha is a breast cancer survivor who felt fragile” after experiencing the toll of treatment. Survivor Fitness gave her the ability to move beyond the label of cancer “patient” to “survivor” by helping her rebuild her stamina and properly address how treatment had impacted her desire to eat.
Leisha Smith
After her long, difficult treatment regimen, Brooke realized that cancer had taken so much of her strength that she couldn’t complete activities she could easily complete before. Four months later, Brooke achieved something she never thought possible after treatment: hiking to the top of Mount LeConte.
Brooke Hartman
Like many survivors, Quincy wondered if he’d ever be able to enjoy his favorite hobbies after the whirlwind of diagnosis and treatment. By collaborating with his trainer, Quincy learned how to “take one day at a time” and regain the physical and mental strength to enjoy life again.
Quincy Hancock