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Take the Step from Survivor to Thriver

Beating Cancer
Is Just The Begining

While cancer treatment might be over, survivors are often faced with a new set of physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

More than half of cancer survivors have to overcome new physical limitations caused by treatment.
More than a third of survivors deal with concerns related to body image.
Nearly 1 in 4 survivors struggle with anxiety or depression after treatment.

At Survivor Fitness

We want to help you kickstart the next chapter of your life through one-on-one personal training and nutritional support.

We connect you with a fitness trainer and registered dietitian to create a plan to regain strength and create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

A Program Fit For Your Recovery

Our 12-week program is intentionally designed to meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go. We work with cancer survivors of every age, diagnosis, and fitness level to provide:

One-on-One Fitness Training

Meet weekly with a certified trainer to develop a training plan based on your needs, abilities, and goals.

Nutritional Coaching

Our registered dietitians work with you to create a nutritional plan that works with your lifestyle.

Tailored Planning and Support

Our partners recognize the impact of cancer and treatment, offering specific training and support for each participant.

What To Expect

Weekly Training Routines

Participants work out one-on-one with a trainer twice a week for 12 weeks (a total of 24 sessions). Participants are also encouraged to complete at least one independent workout with insights provided by the trainer.

Individual Nutrition Coaching

Participants meet in-person or online with a Registered Dietitian to receive three to five personal nutrition sessions to discuss effective eating habits.

Ongoing Encouragement and Support

Survivor Fitness offers cookbooks, nutritional support information, monthly workshops, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently partnered with gyms across the state of Tennessee. We also offer virtual training opportunities for those outside these areas. We are always looking for opportunities to expand. If you’re not located in these areas, send us an email at and we’ll see how we can help!

If you are a cancer survivor who is not currently undergoing active treatment and who wants to feel better, both mentally and physically, then Survivor Fitness is for you. You can fill out the application here. If you’re still not sure, send us an email at

The application process is easy! Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you within 2-3 business days to set up a phone call to discuss the program and how we can best serve you.

The Survivor Fitness program is 12 weeks (or 24 training sessions). This is intentionally designed to help survivors get started on their recovery journey and experience results. Many of our participants continue with survivor group fitness activities through their local gym.

We never want cost to be a barrier to someone regaining their health. Our program is available at no cost for all those in need. Should you choose to opt out of financial support, the program costs $750 (more than 60 percent less than the standard price).

Helping cancer survivors in the recovery process is why we exist. If you know someone who may be interested in our program, you can refer them here. If you’d like brochures and more extensive information for your office or business, please email

There are numerous ways you can support participants on their recovery journey. Learn more about how you can sponsor a participant, join our monthly giving program, or volunteer.

Have a question we didn’t answer? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you!