Partner Spotlight – Adam Valentine

One of the biggest hurdles cancer survivors face when it comes to regaining their fitness is simply knowing where to begin. Entering the gym environment after treatment can be intimidating, and survivors can feel uncertainty and anxiety about what their bodies can do. That’s one of the reasons Survivor Fitness intentionally partners with personal training facilities that are prepared to meet these challenges and create a welcoming, supportive space for program participants.

TRI-FIT personal training in Murfreesboro, TN, exemplifies this approach perfectly. Owned by Adam Valentine, TRI-FIT offers a boutique fitness experience that fosters a comfortable, relaxed, and fun atmosphere. TRI-FIT caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from 10 to 82 years old, and their focus on personalized attention aligns beautifully with the Survivor Fitness mission.

Seeing Cancer’s Impact Up Close

Adam, a personal trainer for nearly two decades, has always been passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals. When he decided to open his own gym in Murfreesboro, his life took an unexpected turn—his mom was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Witnessing the physical, mental, and emotional toll that cancer took on her was a life-changing experience for Adam.

“I think most cancer survivors are in this fight-or-flight mentality for so long during treatment,” Adam reflects. “Once you come down from that, the reality of what you experienced really hits you—how precious life is and how fast it almost left.”

After she finished treatment, Adam’s mom joined the Survivor Fitness program at Chadwick’s Fitness in Cool Springs. As a personal trainer himself, Adam was initially intrigued but also a little concerned.

“After going through cancer treatment, trying to put the pieces back together can be overwhelming,” Adam explains. “It’s hard for survivors to figure out what they can or cannot do. As a personal trainer, I wanted to make sure my mom was taking the right approach to her recovery.”

However, seeing the program’s transformative impact on his mom left a lasting impression. Witnessing her journey sparked Adam’s desire to join the Survivor Fitness community.

Creating a Welcoming and Encouraging Environment

While TRI-FIT became a Survivor Fitness partner just a few months ago, Adam and his team have already worked with seven participants in Murfreesboro. Adam is often the first point of contact for participants—helping them coordinate training times and introducing them to their wellness coach. His personal experience allows him to connect with participants on a deeper level, dispelling any anxieties and misconceptions they might have about personal training.

“When you see Survivor Fitness participants come in for their initial consultation, you can see the transformation from apprehension to excitement,” Adam says.

His goal is for TRI-FIT to be an extension of the Survivor Fitness program, offering a safe space to begin exercising again and developing a personalized roadmap to achieve their fitness goals.

“We’re not primarily trying to get results,” Adam clarifies. “We’re trying to establish a relationship and consistent pattern that shows them how to have a good time exercising.”

One aspect of the Survivor Fitness program that particularly excites Adam is the inclusion of mental health support. He understands firsthand the challenges his mom faced navigating the complexities of post-cancer life.

“It’s hard to explain what it’s like to go through life once you survive cancer,” Adam says. “You feel like you’ve been through a traumatic experience, and you’re trying to put the pieces back together again.”

A Full-Circle Moment

For Adam, the entire journey—opening his gym, supporting his mom through her cancer diagnosis and treatment, witnessing her transformation through Survivor Fitness, and now becoming a partner—feels like a full-circle moment.

“To be able to walk alongside my mom during her treatment and then now to be in a place where we can partner with Survivor Fitness has been so cool,” Adam concludes.

If you’re a personal trainer or fitness center interested in supporting cancer survivors after treatment, connect with our team to learn how you can join the Survivor Fitness network.

If you’re a cancer survivor looking to get back on your feet after treatment, we’d love for you to check out our program or submit an application today!