Partner Spotlight: Chadwick’s Fitness

Survivor Fitness was founded with a vision to aid cancer survivors in their transition after treatment by helping them regain their health and wellness through personal training and nutrition coaching. Today, we’ve been able to partner with hundreds of courageous cancer survivors across Tennessee. This possibility became a reality because of the incredible partnerships we’ve developed with fitness centers and personal trainers across the state. Chadwick’s Fitness in Cool Springs was one of our first partners to offer its facility and services in service of our mission. 

For the past six years, we’ve had the privilege of working closely with Abby Johnson. As General Manager, Abby is often the first contact point for participants. She works with participants to help connect them with one of Chadwick’s personal trainers and get them started with their 12-week training program. 

A Team of Specialists Who Care

As a world-class training facility, Chadwick’s provides each participant with a personal training program built with specific exercises for regaining health and strength after cancer treatment. As part of the initial onboarding process, their trainers work with each participant to conduct an initial mobility and stability assessment. This provides a foundation and framework that will help the participant focus on their greatest needs and regain their strength. 

“Cancer treatment and recovery take such a toll on a person’s body,” Abby explained. “One of the first things we want to do is help participants ensure their spine is stabilized, activate muscles that haven’t been used in a while, and regain core strength by focusing on certain muscle patterns. These are really important foundations that they can use to build upon in the future.” 

Each Chadwick’s trainer works with participants by meeting them where they are and building a custom plan to help them move forward. Because several trainers are certified in providing fitness training for cancer survivors, they often share insights and best practices amongst their team to create the best plan for each participant. It’s obvious that the expertise and intentionality they put into their work make a difference. 

“It’s so inspiring when a participant starts the program, and they’re not sure if they can do it… only to see them with tears of gratitude in their eyes two to three weeks later,” Abby said. “That transition from being so afraid and physically weak to confident and committed is a beautiful thing to see.” 

The (Inspirational) Feeling is Mutual

This experience—seeing transformation happen for people who are so committed to regaining their wellness—is one of the most mutually beneficial aspects of the program. While Survivor Fitness participants often describe it as a “life-changing” experience, Chadwick’s trainers are also deeply affected by the relationship.  

“One of my favorite parts about partnering with Survivor Fitness is when one of our staff members comes and tells the story from their point of view,” Abby described. “It can be very emotional and inspiring for our trainers to work with participants. Often our lives are just as impacted by their stories as their lives are impacted by our training.” 

A Shared Commitment To Impacting More Lives

One of the most meaningful aspects of our partnership with Chadwick’s is that supporting cancer survivors is a value for their entire team. Each trainer at Chadwick’s has personally worked with at least one Survivor Fitness participant. To date, the team at Chadwick’s has helped more than 75 participants in the Nashville area regain their strength and vitality through one-on-one personal training. 

Their entire team encourages and cares for each Survivor Fitness participant on their recovery journey. 

If there’s one thing I would say to someone who is considering becoming a participant, I would say do not hesitate to make a phone call,” Abby noted. “Even if you think, ‘I didn’t have that hard of a cancer battle,’ you should look into it. If you’re someone who battled cancer, this is specifically for you.” 

Abby’s commitment to supporting cancer patients extends beyond her work as General Manager at Chadwick’s. She also serves on the advisory board for the Survivor Fitness Foundation. In this role, Abby creates connections with other fitness centers across Tennessee. As Survivor Fitness looks for strategic and scalable ways to support even more cancer survivors, Abby’s experience provides valuable insights to help build relationships with fitness centers and trainers.  

“Survivor Fitness has an amazing mission,” said Abby. “I love that we’re able to bring personal training to people who would not otherwise consider it.”