Participant Spotlight: Mitzi Mannon

The fear and loneliness that grip you after a cancer diagnosis are realities only those who’ve walked the path can genuinely understand. The constant worry is a heavy weight to carry. The isolation of treatment, especially when miles separate you from loved ones, adds another layer of pain. Even after treatment, the journey can feel daunting. That’s why we believe that “battling cancer is lonely and hard, but recovery shouldn’t be.” 

Mitzi Mannon, a vibrant participant in our program, embodies this message. Mitzi’s journey began in July 2021 with a diagnosis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. She immediately started an aggressive treatment plan, which included chemotherapy and CAR T-cell therapy. While the physical challenges were formidable, the mental and emotional stress took the heaviest toll. She endured months of treatment in Houston, far away from her family. 

“During treatment, you’re fighting to survive. It’s a mental game of staying positive and praying. My focus was my family and children,” Mitzi said. 

Even after treatment, the emotional rollercoaster continued. “It’s a daily choice to stay positive. You worry constantly. It’s been a journey.”

From Isolation to Inspiration

Through her son’s tennis team, Mitzi discovered Survivor Fitness. The prospect of regaining her physical health and finding others who understood her struggle fueled her decision to apply.

Over 12 weeks, Mitzi began to experience transformation inside and out. She shed the weight gained during treatment, rediscovered her energy, and, most importantly, found a community of support

“Survivor Fitness changed my life. It gave me the drive to get back in the gym, the friendships and support that fueled my will to keep surviving.”

These friendships, she emphasizes, are more than just gym buddies. “It’s a family. Everyone is so positive and helpful, and the trainers truly understand what we’ve been through.”

Finding Strength in the Survivor Fitness Family

In March 2023, Mitzi faced a recurrence of her cancer. Yet the Survivor Fitness community rallied around her, offering unwavering support and encouragement throughout the past year. 

Mitzi’s story is a testament to the transformative power of support and shared experience. It’s a beacon of hope, reminding us that we are not alone, even in the darkest times. To those battling similar struggles, Mitzi extends a hand of encouragement.

 “Reach out to Survivor Fitness. It’s a family of others that will support you, understand what you’ve been through, and help you reach new goals.” 

At Survivor Fitness, we are forever grateful for Mitzi’s resilience and unwavering spirit. She is an inspiration to all who navigate the challenging but empowering journey of healing.

Interested in Becoming a Survivor Fitness Participant?

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