Partner Spotlight: C3 Health & Beauty

Starting a fitness routine after cancer can be incredibly overwhelming. Cancer treatment can change physical capabilities and upend a person’s understanding of their body. The mental and emotional toll of a cancer diagnosis and treatment is often just as debilitating as the physical aftereffects.

Finding a way forward after cancer treatment requires plenty of personal care, encouragement, and motivation along the way. 

Survivor Fitness Partner Stephanie Chunn of C3 Health & Beauty is a shining example of a trainer offering personal fitness expertise and encouragement to support participants in our program. As a certified cancer exercise specialist, Stephanie understands the unique challenges that participants face. She works with each participant to develop a personal training plan based on their individual needs and goals.

Finding a New Lease on Life 

Stephanie started working with Survivor Fitness participants in 2020, but her connection to the cancer community was established years earlier. As part of her business at C3 Health & Beauty, Stephanie began offering training sessions.

“I love seeing the positive difference that health and fitness can offer survivors,” Stephanie shared. “It’s beyond rewarding when clients share that they see benefits of training with me in their everyday life, such as gardening and playing with their kids or grandkids.” 

Since joining the Survivor Fitness community, Stephanie has worked with more than 20 participants. Her appointment-only fitness studio offers a welcoming environment for our participants in Knoxville. Stephanie has also played a valuable role in expanding Survivor Fitness’ virtual training program — working with participants across the state each week over Zoom. Stephanie has a natural gift for teaching participants how to use non-traditional equipment to incorporate fitness into their everyday routines and lives. 

“There have been times where I’ve worked with participants to use a piece of furniture and their body weight for a specific exercise during a session,” she recalled.” Even if you may not have a particular piece of equipment, we can find creative solutions.” 

Inspired by Their Milestone Moments

Like many Survivor Fitness partners, Stephanie finds her own source of motivation and personal inspiration from working with participants. 

“As a personal trainer, we often show up to make participants feel good when they leave,” she shared. “But our Survivor Fitness participants are equally encouraging to me. Seeing them show up and give 110% every session motivates me. I’m always more fueled from our time together.” 

For Stephanie, the most meaningful aspect of working with Survivor Fitness participants is the moment they recognize their progress. Whether it’s being able to lift a weight that was impossible a few weeks earlier or noticing how their balance has improved, she cherishes the milestone moments that participants reach. 

“Whether it’s halfway through the program or at the end of our time together, these moments let them know that change is possible,” she said.  

Transformation Through Inspiration

Stephanie does a great job of walking alongside each participant during their transformation journey — offering information and inspiration. She helps each participant recognize that every journey is different by reminding them that “this is your own race; go at your own pace.” 

“I love to encourage participants that we’re creating a lifestyle for a lifetime,” she shared. “It’s important to believe that change is possible, but recognize that it may take time.”  

Stephanie does an incredible job of working with each participant to find areas of improvement and make incremental progress over time. Her inspirational words of encouragement often leave a lasting impact. It’s not unusual for Stephanie to get a text from a former participant thanking her. And in her own fashion, Stephanie will often send inspirational and motivational messages to participants — even after they’ve completed the program.  

Join the Survivor Fitness Community

We’re incredibly grateful for Stephanie and the life-changing experience she offers Survivor Fitness participants.

If you’re a personal trainer or fitness center interested in supporting individuals after treatment, connect with our team to learn how you can join the Survivor Fitness network.

If you’re looking for physical support after cancer treatment, we’d love for you to check out our program or submit an application today!