Participant Spotlight: Lynette Valentine

Every Survivor Fitness participant has different reasons for committing to focus on their health and wellness after treatment. Most are looking for ways to combat the side effects of treatment to improve their quality of life and long-term health. Many have other responsibilities in their life – whether it’s work-related or taking care of family members — that inspire them to join the program.  For Lynette Valentine, it was a combination of both. 

Lynette was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lobular Breast cancer in October 2021. As a naturally energetic and vibrant personality, Lynette wondered how the diagnosis and treatment would impact her lifestyle — including her role as the primary caregiver for her husband who was disabled in an accident. After four rounds of chemo, a bilateral mastectomy, and reconstruction surgery, Lynette’s stamina took a big hit during treatment. Losing her hair and having to recline and recover not only impacted her physically but there were days she wondered if life would ever be the same again. 

During one of her follow-up appointments, Lynette learned about Survivor Fitness from her breast navigator nurse and immediately reached out. 

I Feel Better than Before Cancer

“I wanted guidance on what exercises I could do after my type of surgery. I also wanted to get strong after a year of recovery.” 

After filling out the interest form, we were able to connect Lynette with the team at Chadwick’s Fitness in Franklin, TN. Abby Johnson, General Manager at Chadwick’s, reached out to coordinate the details and connected Lynette with personal trainer Carson Voce. After completing an initial mobility and stability assessment, the two began working out right away. 

“I was sore at first, but it felt so good to stretch my body and start to feel strong again. I feel better now than before I was diagnosed with cancer.” 

Lynette’s assessment showed that she had gained almost 40% more strength in her upper body. She’s also lost seven pounds since starting the program. Like many Survivor Fitness participants, Lynette decided to continue her personal training routine with Carson after the 12-week program. She even convinced her sister to join her for workouts, which has provided another means of emotional and physical support. 

A Grateful Heart Helps the Healing

Lynette’s vibrant personality and generous spirit have been such an inspiration to those she’s met on her recovery journey. While her battle with cancer was difficult, Lynette doesn’t let that stop her from celebrating the journey and sharing advice with others who are looking for support after cancer. 

“It may sound cliche, but a positive attitude goes a long way. Lean in on those who love you, and vent when you need to. Get it all out and then move forward. My tribe has supported me all along the way – including the doctors. Be thankful for them. A grateful heart helps the healing.”

Lynette has also become one of the biggest advocates for Survivor Fitness since joining the program. 

“Give it a try. There’s a community of survivors here that will support you even if it’s just a high five at the gym. It’s encouraging and healthy.”

Interested in Becoming a Survivor Fitness Participant?

If you or someone you know is a cancer survivor looking to regain health and wellness after cancer, we are here to walk alongside you throughout this journey. Connect with us today to learn more!

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