Board Member Spotlight: Nick Galbraith

Leading a nonprofit organization like Survivor Fitness requires passion, commitment, and discernment. On the one hand, there’s an exciting opportunity to impact thousands of lives through your work and mission. On the other hand, there are hundreds of operational details to consider and wisdom that’s needed to grow in a healthy way.

As a board member for Survivor Fitness, Nick Galbraith brings a unique combination of zeal and business acumen to help more people recover after cancer through Survivor Fitness’ unique approach to fitness, nutrition, and support. 

“From my experience, there are not a lot of helpful accessible resources to help cancer survivors recover physically after treatment,” Nick highlighted. “Many people don’t know where to turn or what to do. I’ve always been impressed by the way Survivor Fitness was designed to help guide them and help people get healthy again.”

Nick and his wife were first introduced to Survivor Fitness in 2018 after being invited to the Survivor Fitness Soiree, an annual fundraiser supporting the foundation’s scholarship-based work across Tennessee. That initial encounter inspired Nick and his wife to stay connected to the organization and support the cause in various ways. 

Today, Nick is using his experience as a business owner to find ways for Survivor Fitness to impact more lives in years to come. As a member of the marketing committee, Nick is excited about helping more cancer survivors discover the life-changing experience of being part of the Survivor Fitness community. 

“Cancer is a disease that touches everyone in some way, shape, or form,” Nick mentioned. This is a statement he knows from personal experience, losing his grandfather, his wife’s aunt, and a best friend from high school to cancer. Through each of these experiences, Nick recognized how beneficial it can be to support patients during the journey.   

“The main thing I’m passionate about is getting the word out to help as many survivors recover their strength and health,” Nick expressed. “I believe Survivor Fitness meets a massive need for patients after treatment or in remission and that really excites me.” 

Being a first-year board member has given Nick the chance to learn more about the organization and everything that goes into supporting patients across the state. This has also sparked some creative ideas as the leadership at Survivor Fitness explores ways to help more survivors.  

“We’re looking at growing the in-person trainer gym network and our virtual support for participants. We don’t want to be constrained by boundaries and access to gyms. We’re exploring some really innovative ways to support patients virtually as they are looking for ways to regain strength and vitality.”

Nick Galbraith is the President and Founder of Foundations Mortgage Company in Knoxville, Tennessee. A New York native, he’s called Tennessee home since 2003. He has a wife and two little boys. Click here for a complete list of Survivor Fitness board members.