Participant Spotlight: Hillorie McLarty

Every cancer survivor knows that the fight to stay healthy doesn’t end after treatment. In many ways, life after treatment comes with a new set of obstacles and challenges that can affect health, wellness, and emotional well-being. Survivor Hillorie McLarty wanted to face all of those challenges head-on. 

Addressing New Health Challenges as a Cancer Survivor

Hillorie recently reached her 10th anniversary as a breast cancer survivor. Like many survivors, she’s also faced other health challenges over the past decade. In the wake of cancer, Hillorie has had to navigate bursitis, thyroid issues, pre-diabetes, and a hiatal hernia.

Taking the First Step with Survivor Fitness

The good news for Hillorie was that many of her issues could be alleviated or managed through activity and fitness. That’s what led her to become a Survivor Fitness participant.

Hillorie first heard about Survivor Fitness from her oncologist. After learning more about the program, she decided to take the first step by picking up the phone.

“Making the call was probably the hardest part,” Hillorie explained.

Hillorie connected with David Rodgers, a personal trainer at A|Train Fitness, one of Survivor’s affiliate locations. Together, they worked to develop a plan to help Hillorie with her specific health challenges.

“David took time to truly understand my physical challenges and showed me how to regain some strength,” said Hillorie. “Although I’m still suffering from bursitis, I have been given the tools to attain a more active lifestyle.”

Several months into the program, Hillorie has experienced a notable difference. She’s feeling stronger and more confident. She’s also feeling more hopeful about her ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

Building Physical and Emotional Strength

Hillorie is an inspiration to our Survivor Fitness community. Her willingness to take the first step to address other health-related challenges has encouraged others to navigate life after cancer. Survivor Fitness has been influential in helping Hillorie regain her strength.

“Survivor Fitness is a program created for those of us lucky enough to survive cancer,” Hillorie expressed. “Participating in the program is a gift not to be treated lightly.”

Through Survivor Fitness, Hillorie has developed a commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, no matter how difficult. And to those going through a similar journey, she adds, “Never forget you are a survivor.”

Interested in Becoming a Survivor Fitness Participant?

If you or someone you know is a cancer survivor looking to regain health and wellness after cancer, we’re here for you! Connect with us today to learn more.