Board Member Spotlight: Devin Driscoll

Strength. Perseverance. Self-belief. These are all attributes that describe Survivor Fitness participants as they work to regain their health and fitness after treatment. Coincidentally, they’re also the characteristics that board member Devin Driscoll knows well — not only through his own story but through the countless athletes and individuals he has trained over the years. 

Today, Devin owns six D1 training facilities across Tennessee and Alabama. He also sits on D1 Corporate Training Panel, Franchise Advisory Council, and Validation Committee, where he utilizes his experience to support the 110 D1 franchises across the country.  

Devin’s journey in fitness and training began well before he connected with D1 founder, Will Bartholemew, in 2017. As a Knoxville native, Devin grew up playing sports throughout his childhood. Devin went on to play collegiate athletics and even wrestled for the WWE Federation for two years.

“I always loved lifting and training,” Devin said. “But I fell in love with fitness and recovery when I blew out my knee in college.”  

The lifelong passion Devin discovered in college became a career when he opened his own personal training company, Next Level Fitness, in 2007. At Next Level, he worked primarily with high school and college athletes. After nearly a decade of building his business, Devin connected with D1, creating the perfect opportunity to franchise multiple locations successfully. 

Devin’s passion for fitness and expertise in business intertwined with a few personal experiences when he first learned about Survivor Fitness in 2021. Like many Survivor Fitness board members and advocates, Devin’s had a front-row seat to the impact that a cancer diagnosis and treatment can have after watching multiple family members battle cancer, including his mother. 

“The first person I thought of when I heard about Survivor Fitness was my mom,” Devin explained. “She was actually my first client when I started my business. Knowing what she went through and how challenging it is to get back to the gym after treatment was something I’ll never forget.” 

After connecting with Survivor Fitness founder Aaron Grunke, Devin began using his local connections to support the Knoxville market while exploring opportunities for growth throughout the entire D1 community. Devin recognizes the welcoming environment at D1 is an ideal space for Survivor Fitness participants to train. 

“After treatment, the last place you want to go is somewhere that feels like a hospital,” he said. “D1 has such a different environment. Because so many of our clients are training for something, we’ve created a space that inspires people.” 

Devin officially joined the Survivor Fitness board of directors in 2023 and is looking forward to using his connections and knowledge to impact even more lives through the program.

“What excites me the most is being able to create connections between Survivor Fitness and the relationships we have to grow exponentially quicker.” 

After observing the community-oriented momentum that has grown within the fitness space in recent years, Devin is excited to see how the entire fitness community could wrap its arms around the mission of Survivor Fitness to support cancer survivors after treatment.

“It’s been so cool to see how people have come together and supported one another in the fitness community over the years,” he shared. “There’s so much momentum for the community. I think that’s where our team at D1 can really help the future of Survivor Fitness.”