Partner Spotlight – Whitney Biggs

Fear, anxiety, grief, and depression are emotions we all encounter. But for a cancer survivor, these feelings are often amplified by the trauma of diagnosis, treatment, and the uncertainty of life moving forward. These experiences—and the path to navigate them—are ones that Whitney Biggs knows well.

As a licensed mental health counselor, Whitney has walked alongside hundreds of patients. With expertise and compassion, she empowers them to manage overwhelming emotions, draw strength from within, and build a fulfilling life aligned with their values. But her connection to these challenges goes beyond the professional realm. Whitney is also a cancer survivor, and her personal journey offers a unique perspective that fuels her dedication to helping others.

As Survivor Fitness expands its services to include mental health counseling, we’re thrilled to welcome Whitney Biggs as one of our newest board members. Her dual expertise as a therapist and cancer survivor will be invaluable as we guide survivors on the path back to a stronger, healthier life.

A Passion for Empowering Survivors

​​Whitney’s connection to Survivor Fitness began through a fellow survivor and former Survivor Fitness board member, Christie Ekern. Their shared experiences helped them form a bond, and Christie’s positive experience with the programs resonated deeply with Whitney. She was immediately drawn to the organization’s holistic approach, offering support, guidance, and expertise to participants on their journey back to themselves.

“Survivor Fitness is an organization that meets a need no one was really focused on,” Whitney explains. “It’s about finding your way back to vitality, health, and peace after a cancer experience.”

Whitney was deeply moved by our program’s philosophy, the dedication of our team, and the kindness of all the participants, trainers, and partners. It resonated deeply with her own desire to support fellow survivors on their journeys to recovery.

Whitney’s From Fear to Hope 

As a cancer survivor, Whitney understands the emotional toll a diagnosis and treatment can take.

“What many don’t realize,” she says, “is that after the bell has been rung and treatment is completed, everything does not go back to normal. I lived with a fear that could be quite haunting and even, at times, debilitating.”  

Following treatment, Whitney found solace in yoga, movement, meditation, and self-expression. Through this journey, she discovered the power of a post-treatment plan that reconnects body and mind. 

“The best part of having an intentional practice is feeling the energy coursing through your body again, the empowerment and peace it brings. These things worked to center me and gave me an outlet for the fear.” 

Her experience fuels her belief in Survivor Fitness. 

“Survivor Fitness offers a way out of the fear. A way forward in hope.”

A Guiding Light for Other Survivors

At Survivor Fitness, we’re deeply grateful for Whitney’s presence on our board. Her unique perspective as a therapist and survivor will impact countless lives as we integrate mental health counseling as a new program. 

Reflecting on her own journey, Whitney offers this heartfelt encouragement to other survivors.

“Embrace this opportunity to be supported and guided! You are just beginning this part of your life with 20/20 vision of the things that are most important to you.”

We’re truly honored by Whitney’s willingness to share her wisdom and experience with Survivor Fitness. Through her role on the board, she embodies the spirit of paying it forward, offering hope and guidance to others on their path to recovery.

If you’re a cancer survivor looking to take the next step on your journey or know someone who is, we invite you to learn more about our program and the recent addition of mental health counseling.

Together, we can help you reclaim your strength and find your way back to a life of vitality and purpose.