Board Member Spotlight: Chris Guay

Survivor Fitness thrives because of the incredible people who believe in our mission. We’re fortunate to have a board of directors that is comprised of passionate leaders and talented individuals who dedicate their skills and experience to positively impacting the lives of cancer survivors. Chris Guay is a shining example of this dedication.

A native of Brentwood, Tennessee, Chris founded Vitality Living, a leading provider of active independent and assisted living communities. Since its launch in 2016, Vitality Living has flourished under Chris’s leadership, becoming a top senior living company nationwide. His passion for people and commitment to quality service have allowed the organization to serve over 2,000 residents across the country.

Chris’s energy, strategic thinking, and innovative approach are evident in his work at Vitality Living. But it’s his inherent desire to help others that truly inspires him. This desire is what led him to join the Survivor Fitness Board.

Finding a Connection with Survivor Fitness

Chris connected with Survivor Fitness founder Aaron Grunke during the COVID-19 pandemic. When Chris collaborated with Aaron to secure COVID tests for Vitality Living employees and residents, he learned about Aaron’s story and the inspiration behind Survivor Fitness. Chris felt an immediate call to action, compelled to support the organization and its mission.

As Chris became more involved, he discovered a close friend had been one of the program’s first participants following her breast cancer battle. This personal connection further solidified his decision. Cancer touches us all, and Survivor Fitness was making a tangible difference.

“I am new to the organization,” Chris says, “but was drawn to it by Aaron and other survivors’ stories of how going through the Survivor Fitness Program helped them gain not only physical strength but confidence after battling cancer.”

A Personal Connection and a Shared Mission

Personal health and fitness are cornerstones of Chris’s life. Like many, he has witnessed the impact of cancer firsthand.

“I have watched too many loved ones fight this disease,” Chris reflects, “and have seen the negative impacts it has during and after treatments. Gaining the confidence that they are strong and their bodies can be healthy again is one of the most valuable aspects of cancer survivorship.”

Chris firmly believes that supporting an organization aligned with his passion for wellness and fighting cancer is a calling. “I am extremely honored and excited to help more survivors find and experience our program,” he adds.

Since joining the board, Chris has been consistently inspired by the stories of program participants.  Hearing firsthand how Survivor Fitness empowers survivors and transforms their outlook on life fuels his dedication.

For those considering starting the Survivor Fitness program, Chris offers these encouraging words: “Don’t let cancer define you and make you feel weak. Battling the disease takes a mental and physical toll, but our program can help you get your strength back and more.”  These powerful words encapsulate Chris’s unwavering support for our mission.

Survivor Fitness is incredibly grateful to have Chris as a board member. His extensive experience and expertise will be invaluable as we strive to grow and reach more cancer survivors.  But most importantly, Chris’s passion for our mission and his calling to be part of our organization is a powerful asset that will make a difference in the lives of our participants.

To learn more about how we help cancer survivors reclaim their mental health, read more about our program or submit an application today!