Celebrating Feroza Freeland: The 2023 Nashville Survivor Soirée Honoree

Last month, we had the opportunity to celebrate our fourth annual Survivor Soirée in Nashville, one of our marquee events for the year. It was a night to remember as we celebrated participants from Nashville and the surrounding area. We also enjoyed performances from Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Tim Nichols, ACC Award-nominated singer-songwriter Lance Miller, Nora Collins, and Joe Forte. 

In addition to celebrating the impact of our supporters and recognizing this year’s honoree, we also had the opportunity to share some exciting news about the future of Survivor Fitness.

Highlights from the 2023 Nashville Survivor Fitness Soirée

Thank you doesn’t even begin to describe how grateful we are for the generosity from the Nashville community. We are continually blown away by their love and support for Survivor Fitness. This year’s Nashville event raised almost $140,000 to help cancer survivors not only regain their strength but reclaim their lives! 

The support raised from this year’s soirée will make a life-changing impact for hundreds of cancer survivors. 

Special thanks to our sponsors for this year’s event: Pinnacle Financial Partners, Green Apple Strategy, Taylor Farms, Truist Investment Services, The Smith Group of Truist Investment Services, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, GCA, Polsinelli Law Firm, Ernst & Young, and Nashville Breast Center.   

Celebrating This Year’s Honoree: Feroza Freeland

Recognizing a recent Survivor Fitness participant is one of the highlights of each Survivor Fitness Soirée we’ve hosted. This year, we had the opportunity to celebrate Feroza Freeland as this year’s honoree.

In 2020, at 25 years old, Feroza noticed a lump in her chest that was later identified as breast cancer. A couple of weeks later, while visiting a fertility specialist, cancer was also discovered in her uterus. After three rounds of surgery and chemo, Feroza fought through all of the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that arose through treatment. But like many cancer survivors, she recognized that wasn’t the journey’s end.

“Ringing the bell at the end of treatment felt very triumphant,” Feroza explained. “There was a sense that ‘you’re done, you’ve beaten it, it’s over, now you can move on with your life,’ but I wasn’t feeling that at all.” 

As Feroza was searching for ways to start her journey of healing and process, she discovered Survivor Fitness. She experienced a true transformation through personal training, encouragement, and community. 

Watch the video below to hear more about Feroza’s experience with Survivor Fitness:

Join the Survivor Fitness Community

We extend our sincerest love, gratitude, and appreciation to everyone who contributed to the tremendous success of the 2023 Nashville Survivor Soirée. We couldn’t have done it without you!

If you want to be part of supporting cancer survivors on their road to recovery, there are numerous ways you can get involved with the Survivor Fitness community. You can also check out more Survivor Fitness spotlights to hear from other other participants.

If you or someone you know is a cancer survivor looking to regain your health and wellness, connect with us today to learn more.