Board Member Spotlight: Callie Jubran

Everyone who is involved with Survivor Fitness — our partners, donors, and board members — has a unique source of inspiration for supporting cancer survivors through our program. Some are moved by seeing participants discover a new way of living after treatment. For others, the connection is even more personal. 

Callie Jubran joined the Survivor Fitness board of directors in 2023. A native of Knoxville, Callie and her husband have supported the organization and participated in events for years. But after her father passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2018, Callie found a new source of inspiration for getting involved. 

“I knew Survivor Fitness was the type of organization my dad would have absolutely loved,” Callie said. “He was extremely conscious about his health and held nutrition and exercise as a high priority even through his battle with pancreatic cancer.” 

Callie felt that being part of the Survivor Fitness community was a meaningful way to honor her dad and give back to others diagnosed with cancer. After watching her dad navigate the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of cancer and treatment, Callie recognized how devastating a diagnosis can be. 

“I know firsthand how the fight can affect your body long term,” she said. “However, it is not just the physical effects; the emotional impact goes hand in hand. Learning how to live again can often be difficult.”

Callie firmly believes that the program’s holistic approach, addressing the physical, nutritional, and emotional aspects, is what sets Survivor Fitness apart and makes it so impactful. 

“Survivor Fitness helps participants rebuild physically, nutritionally, and emotionally,” Callie highlighted. “Hearing stories and seeing participants thrive because of the stepping stones Survivor Fitness helped lay down is exciting.”

As Survivor Fitness continues to grow and reach survivors far and wide, Callie is filled with anticipation for the positive changes it will bring to the lives of countless individuals across the country. 

“Survivor Fitness started small, and each year it has grown exponentially,” she shared. “Now it is reaching survivors near and far.”

While the potential impact energizes Callie to share our mission with as many people as possible, it’s her personal connection and source of inspiration that is most meaningful to her. She feels privileged to be part of an organization that honors her father’s legacy and is dedicated to supporting those who face the challenges of cancer head-on. 

“I am thankful to be able to be a part of a cause that I know my dad would be proud of,” she shared. “Unfortunately, each of us is touched by cancer in some way. Knowing that I am participating in an organization that is working hard to wrap its arms around the people who have to fight this ugly disease is very rewarding.”