Board Member Spotlight: Sam Owens Pyle

For board member Sam Owens Pyle, the Survivor Fitness Foundation’s mission to provide empowerment and hope for cancer survivors deeply resonates with her family’s decades-long cancer journey.

Sam has proudly served as a Survivor Fitness board member since 2020, and she just recently became the board president after serving as the marketing chair for her first two years. She credits a conversation with a friend and former board member and program participant, Ronn Hollis, for getting her involved.

“When Ronn told me about Survivor Fitness, I immediately asked how I could support their cause, and he asked me to join him on the board,” Sam explained. “I have always strived to keep a connection to cancer-focused non-profits in all philanthropic work that I do, and I love helping others feel better. Survivor Fitness answered both calls for me.”

For the past 23 years, Sam has faithfully stood by her own mother as she’s battled multiple cancer diagnoses and endured years of aggressive treatment.

She’s all too familiar with the physical and mental toll that a life-changing fight against cancer can have on survivors.

“When you’re sick and can’t make your body better, it emotionally drains you,” said Sam. 

“I’ve seen what cancer can do to someone and how much sicker they can get because of the treatment they need to survive,” she explained. “And as someone with an autoimmune disorder, I also know what healthy eating and exercise can do to help a person feel better, look better, and regain a positive outlook on life.”

As a board member, Sam proudly stands by hundreds of participants whose lives were changed by Survivor Fitness.

“I truly believe Survivor Fitness gives survivors the best chance they could possibly have to feel like their best self after beating such a dreadful disease that truly takes a toll on the mind and body,” said Sam.

“Giving survivors a way to get back in shape and regain their energy does something that medicine can’t,” she said. “There’s so much that cancer takes away from you. But so much of that loss is reversible through proper diet and exercise, and that’s something every survivor deserves a chance to discover.”

Today, Survivor Fitness has programs in Nashville and Knoxville with plans to grow.

But as board president, Sam has an even bolder vision for the foundation’s future.

“With the right partnerships, Survivor Fitness can truly become an organization that helps cancer patients nationwide,” she said. “I’m confident that we can find a scalable path forward to help every survivor, no matter who they are or where they live, to look better, feel better, and get better.”

Sam Owens Pyle is the Founder and CEO of Green Apple Strategy, a full-service marketing agency based in Nashville. Click here for a complete list of Survivor Fitness board members, advisory board members, and leadership team.