Participant Spotlight: Patti Kowarko

We love sharing the stories and experiences of the strong individuals who go through our program. Patti Kowarko was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 and went through nearly 30 rounds of chemotherapy. Read a little about her journey and how she learned to persevere.

A Q & A with Patti Kowarko

Survivor Fitness: Tell us about your journey, diagnosis, and why you began the Survivor Fitness programs.

Patti Kowarko: I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma of the left breast in May of 2020. I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction. I had to complete 26 rounds of chemo, and I am now cancer-free as of August 2021. 

I joined Survivor Fitness because I wanted to regain my strength back that cancer and chemo took from me. It has made me stronger and I feel good about myself again. I am much happier now that I know I can continue getting healthier after learning so much from my trainer at Survivor Fitness

SF: Tell us about your relationship with Survivor Fitness and how you became a participant.

PK: I had a great relationship with my trainer, Stephanie. She was great and pushed me to where I needed to be. I heard about Survivor Fitness from another breast cancer survivor and reached out to Meg (Survivor Fitness Co-founder and Executive Director).

SF: How have you been able to regain your health and wellness during your time with Survivor Fitness?

PK: I’ve learned a great routine—how much physical fitness I need and what I need to nourish my body.

SF: How have you been able to use these programs during this part of your journey?

PK: I work out and eat better because of what I’ve learned through Survivor Fitness.

SF: What was the hardest part of this journey?

PK: Trying not to be sick from chemo.

SF: What would you tell someone else who might be on a similar journey and looking for support?

PK: Try out the great fitness program. Survivor Fitness will make you stronger and you will learn a lot about yourself.

SF: Do you have anything that stands out to you that you want to share from this journey?

PK: You have to have dedication.

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