Survivor Fitness Needs Your Help this Giving Tuesday

It’s officially the giving time of year, and to be honest, it’s one of our favorites. Not only is it a season of kindness and gratitude, but it also gives us even more of an opportunity to share why we are passionate about it, and how others can support our mission. Giving Tuesday is November 30, and Survivor Fitness has an ambitious goal. We want to provide 400 training sessions for cancer survivors, for free. And we need your help.

What Is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a global day of generosity, sharing influence, resources, money, advocacy, time for nonprofits. It’s a dedicated day that encourages individuals to contribute their efforts to their local communities and or causes and charities that they admire. For Survivor Fitness, this is a day to inspire cancer survivors and help transform their lives.

Why You Should Support Survivor Fitness

Cancer hits close to home for many of us. Survivors can feel scared, alone, and hopeless—we’re here to give them support, encouragement, and confidence. This year, we’ll provide survivors with more than 2,000 training sessions and close to 200 sessions with a registered dietitian. We strive for post-treatment individuals to return to hopeful and empowered lives.

How You Can Help Us Reach Our Goal

In order to reach our 400 training session goal, we need to raise $7,500 and have that money matched.

Below are ways that you can support today or on November 30:

  • Donate towards our goal
  • Share this blog on your social media channels
  • Help us grow the Survivor Fitness community 
  • Email our website to friends or family members who are committed to our cause

The Power of Your Donation

With as little as $35, your donation provides one training session for a cancer survivor. Your support helps us give cancer survivors a new outlook on life, a healthy physical and mental health journey, and assurance that they can reach their goals. Cancer survivors go through immense exhaustion, financial hardships, and terribly low times. These individuals deserve to connect to resources that can help reclaim their wellness. And you can help.

Ready to Support Survivor Fitness on Giving Tuesday?

We are incredibly thankful for the support we receive and the clients we are lucky enough to serve. With your help this Giving Tuesday, you can contribute to helping cancer survivors take control of their lives and experience life in a bright new way. Support us today and positively change the lives of local survivors.