A Graduate’s Guide: How to Stay Involved with Survivor Fitness

Are you a graduate of the Survivor Fitness program? Or, perhaps, have you seen what the program can do to help cancer survivors regain their health? If you said “yes” to either of those questions, we want you to help us spread the word so that we can support as many people as possible. In this article, we’re sharing ways that you can contribute to our mission by spreading the word about how we can improve life after remission for cancer survivors. 

For Survivor Fitness Graduates

Take a moment to remember where you started and where you are now. You are an inspiration, and we’re glad that you want to encourage individuals who are new to their remission chapter. That’s why Survivor Fitness wants to celebrate your stories and share your strength—so that we can continue adding to our incredible community. Here are a few ways that you can share your Survivor Fitness story to inspire others.

Send Us Your Testimonial

We love to share participant spotlights and would be so grateful for you to be an upcoming featured participant! Contact us here to inquire about an interview. We can’t wait to celebrate your success.

Tell Your Doctors About the Program

Have discussions, even brief ones, with your medical team and other medical providers about your experience with Survivor Fitness. They may not be aware of the solutions we offer and could potentially pass the information along to their other cancer survivors.

Become a Brand Ambassador 

What better way to advocate for an organization you believe in than sharing your positive experience? The outlet possibilities are endless, and we’re happy to provide you with resources to distribute. 

For Survivor Fitness Supporters

Whether someone close to you has survived cancer, or you are looking for ways to support the lives of survivors, we’re so happy you’re here. Take a look at this list to learn about options to get involved with Survivor Fitness. 

Never Underestimate the Power of Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth is an incredibly powerful tool that will never go out of style. If you know someone going through remission, share your personal story and see if it’s something they’re interested in pursuing. Odds are, they trust your opinion, and they deserve to experience just how substantial their results can be. 

Share Our Content

Your social media platforms are a powerful tool when sharing information. You never know who might know someone living life after cancer. A simple share could lead to an incredible yet unexpected beginning. 

For Graduates and Supporters

Volunteer with Us

Survivor Fitness has various volunteer opportunities available to help further our mission. Are you thinking about volunteering? Please email us to get started. 

Post on Social Media

Share your testimonials, results, and insight on social media after you have completed or witnessed someone complete the program. (Be sure to tag us in the post, so we can see!)

Leave a Review

Reviews allow potential participants to read firsthand accounts and decide whether this program is right for them. Help us reconnect cancer survivors to their health and wellness by publicly sharing your experiences. Cancer survivors’ worlds are changing for the better, and we want to be by their side to help them accomplish the unexpected.

Whether you have been through the program itself or are a supporter of ours, staying involved after your experience truly helps others who are going through what you once did. Thank you for your bravery, your perseverance, and your support. 

Are You a Cancer Survivor?

Survivor Fitness works with cancer survivors to help them regain their health and wellness through one-on-one personal training and nutritional support. We walk alongside you to progress your post-treatment recovery, empowering you to take control of your healing journey. Connect with us today to learn more!