Participant Spotlight: Lekisha Paige

Survivor Fitness loves helping cancer survivors trust their bodies’ strength again. We’re thrilled that Lekisha Paige had this experience as part of our community. In this Q&A feature, you can learn more about how Survivor Fitness changed her relationship with her body post-treatment.


Survivor Fitness: Tell us about your diagnosis and why you began the Survivor Fitness programs.

Lekisha Paige: I am in year 10 of remission for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Survivor Fitness has helped change my life as a participant in their program.

I learned about the Survivor Fitness program through the REACH for Cancer Survivorship Clinic appointment. I was discussing with my Nurse Practitioner an interest in forming a healthier exercise routine, but that it is a challenge for me to figure out one that won’t hurt my joints. She suggested the Survivor Fitness program due to the tailored medical considerations that the trainers put in.

SF: How have you been able to regain your health and wellness throughout your time with Survivor Fitness?

LP: I completed my 12-week program with Chadwick’s in Franklin, Tennessee, on May 18, 2021, and the Survivor Fitness program helped me regain trust in my body. After an extensive amount of medical trauma, I lost confidence in my bones’ ability to support me while being active. I have two hip replacements from osteonecrosis, which weakens the rest of my joints as well. Before Survivor Fitness, I wouldn’t even try to get off the floor without the support of a chair or table. Now, I believe in my body and regularly get up and down from the floor. I’m also doing squats and lifting weights in a way that feels safe for me.

SF: In what ways does Survivor Fitness empower you to stay active and healthy?

LP: Fitness classes and online videos out there are generalized for people who have not had serious medical problems. Survivor Fitness pinpoints the challenge areas for individuals like myself who need help figuring out how to exercise without further injuring themselves. I will be forever grateful to Survivor Fitness for this opportunity. I feel stronger than I’ve ever been in my post-cancer years.

I would say the biggest empowerment is awareness. I went into this program with no expectations since I was unaware of how much growth potential there would be for my body. My trainer, Jared, provided me with the knowledge and tools that I needed to gain muscle while working out at Chadwick’s and continue my training at home after the 12 weeks. My nutritionist, Jill, helped me realize that I needed to work on portions and eating more frequently with a morning and afternoon snack. This has actually decreased the daily nausea that I had as a side effect of one of my prescriptions.

SF: What would you tell someone else who might be on a similar journey and is considering being a Survivor Fitness participant?

LP: I would tell my fellow survivor that they have already (or are currently) been a warrior against their own body. This takes a toll on one’s physical strength. They should take a chance on building up their abilities in a program that is specifically designed for them. It’s safer than trying to jump-start exercising on your own with a body that remembers its experience with a serious illness.

Interested in Becoming a Survivor Fitness Participant?

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