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Every year thousands of people beat cancer but many struggle to recover from the mental and physical aftermaths of the illness. And while there is much support during treatment, the support post-treatment is lacking. Survivor Fitness aims to aid survivors in this transition by helping them regain their health and wellness through one-on-one personal training. Survivor Fitness participants are met at their point of need and given the tools and resources to win the war for their lives, their bodies and their minds.

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After surviving an aggressive form of testicular cancer at the age of 23, Survivor Fitness Founder Aaron Grunke felt alone and isolated. He quickly learned he wasn’t capable of the physical activity he could easily handle before his diagnosis. The mental impact was often overwhelming and unbearable. It wasn’t until Aaron met with a personal trainer three years later that he felt that he was taking steps to truly recover from his treatment. Not only did working with a personal trainer have physical results, but it also eased his stress, gave him energy and made him feel like himself again.

Through his experience Aaron decided that no cancer survivor should have to face this journey alone. Going through treatment is tough and lonely enough, but recovery shouldn’t have to be. In 2013, Aaron and his wife, Meg, launched Survivor Fitness Foundation to help bridge this post-treatment gap and empower survivors to truly overcome cancer through health and wellness.

With the help of gyms, personal trainers and nutritionists Survivor Fitness has helped many survivors in the Nashville and Knoxville areas gain strength, lose weight and shed many of the negative emotions related to cancer.