Participant Spotlight: Nancy Lopez

A cancer diagnosis and treatment can be a roller coaster experience. There’s the initial shock, the uncertainty about what’s to come, the joy of positive news, the fear of further complications and issues, and the difficulty of embracing a new reality. For some cancer survivors, it feels like the roller coaster keeps descending a lot more than it goes up. Every experience requires bravery, courage, and commitment to keep moving forward. 

That’s the experience that Survivor Fitness participant Nancy Lopez had throughout her diagnosis and treatment. In November of 2021, Nancy had her annual mammogram with no concerns. The next month, she was diagnosed with DCIS. Instead of opting for a lumpectomy, Nancy decided to get a double mastectomy. That turned out to be an important decision because it revealed a more aggressive cancer hiding behind the DCIS that didn’t show up on any screenings. In April of 2022, Nancy was required to undergo surgery for a hysterectomy caused by the treatment medication. Finally, in June of 2022, she had reconstruction surgery. 

“Discovering and Embracing the New Me”

After the whirlwind battle with cancer, Nancy struggled with the same struggles many cancer survivors experienced. She experienced weight gain, fatigue, weakness, and other physical side effects. 

“The most difficult part of my journey was realizing that I am never going to be the same again,” Nancy said. “I had to embrace the change in myself both physically and mentally.”

That’s when Nancy’s oncologist connected her with Survivor Fitness. As soon as she was cleared to start working out again, Nancy was connected with a trainer and began her 12-week program. Being part of the program helped Nancy address the ​​specific side effects of her treatment and surgeries. Today, she feels equipped with the necessary tools to continue her fitness routine.

“Sometimes I don’t feel like myself with all of these changes, but Survivor Fitness is helping me find and embrace the new me,” Nancy said. “I know what I need to do to implement the changes I want to make for my overall health and well-being.” 

“Cancer Doesn’t Have to Dictate Your Whole Life”

Like many Survivor Fitness participants, Nancy realized the program’s impact on the mental and emotional aspects of her recovery as well. She shared how the encouragement she received from her trainer meant just as much as what she learned about strength training.

“My trainer was so supportive and encouraging,” she shared. “He made the workouts fun, and we laughed a lot. I believe laughter is good for the soul.” 

After completing the program, Nancy recognized the difference that committing to physical fitness and wellness made on her journey as a survivor. Today, she feels stronger and has less pain.

“The program has given me confidence,” Nancy said. “It has shown me that I can do anything I put my mind to and that cancer doesn’t have to dictate your whole life.”

Looking for Inspiration and Encouragement on Your Recovery Journey?

Like every other Survivor Fitness participant, Nancy is an incredible inspiration to our entire community at Survivor Fitness. If you or someone you know is a cancer survivor looking to regain health and wellness after cancer, we’re here for you! 

Connect with us today to learn more about how Survivor Fitness can support you on your journey to regain health and strength after cancer.