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Survivor Fitness Foundation empowers cancer survivors with the tools and training needed to fully recover health and wellness.

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  • HOPE. We exist to provide hope and restoration to others.

  • EMPOWERMENT. We provide tools and resources that empower cancer survivors to take control of their life after cancer.

  • FUN. Cancer sucks, but life after doesn’t have to! Survivor Fitness is committed to making cancer recovery a positive experience and creating a fun work environment.

  • INNOVATION. Survivor Fitness strives to change the way people view cancer recovery through continued innovation and creative ideas.

  • HEALTH & WELLNESS. You only get one body, take care of it. We support mind, body and soul health and wellness.

  • PASSION. We have a deep conviction for changing lives and restoring hope drives our work.

  • COMMUNITY. We actively participate in our communities and make positive contributions.

  • PURSUE GROWTH & LEARNING. We value continued growth and learning in our area of expertise and related fields.